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Turquoise stone necklace

Turquoise stone necklace

SKU: 010

This large, robust piece combines silver with overlapping layers of tigerwood, ebony and rosewood, and features a delicately engraved flower of life. The dazzling blue-green turquoise stone sits on an ornate silver base, and the whole piece is held together with silver and bamboo pins. Turquoise is a very effective healer that offers wellbeing to the body and solace to the spirit. It is a stone of purification.

The flower of life is an ancient sacred geometric design based around the circle. It is made up of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles that form a flower pattern with six-fold symmetry. In sacred geometry, the circle represents the sphere in two dimensions. It is one of the most universal symbols known to man and the ultimate representation of the unity and inseparability of all things.

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